A Procurement for your Securement

Procurement heads have it the hard way, mostly when it comes to maintaining records of every big and small purchasing of a company. The bigger the company gets, the harder it is to preserve records manually. Elite Mindz’s Procurement Management Software can be adopted by your whole organization and help them make smarter and better decisions for the company. EM-Procure gives a shopper-like experience to meet the demands of the complex procuring functions of a company.

Elite Purchasing Management Software can be explicitly engineered according to the needs of your industry. From raising Purchase Orders to generating Invoices, EM-Procure delivers greater functionality and usability to you.

  • Reduces the Operational costs by upto 50%.

  • Accepting Purchase Orders rapidly and securely.

  • Advanced and customizable Reports and Analytics.

  • A distinct panel for Vendor and Contract Management .

  • Allowing visualizing of budget spending progressively.

  • Introduces Dynamicity to the workflow of your company.

How EM-Procure stands apart from rest Procure Software?

Dynamic workflows

Dynamic workflows make our purchasing system software one step forward in front of others as it is one that can adjust to changing conditions in a business system.


Drag and drop feature

Drag and Drop is a simplified feature where a user can relocate a position that previously affirmed the PO and effectively bounce to the following one making it simple to use the interface.

Role-based access control

Role-based access control is where an individual can spare a lot of time and effort by distributing access according to the jobs allotted to a person. Our unique procurement software solution aids in bringing a balanced and vivid perspective on all the purchases.


AI Driven Approach

Applying AI to the payment process to save time, money & effort.



Pick suitable modules and easily integrate with your existing system.


Decision Making Tools

Real-time reports & intuitive dashboards, make decisions to enhance productivity.

EM-Procure Features

  • Easy and effective product determination

    A cutting-edge interface lets your clients effectively quest and peruse for the products and services they need.

  • Accept orders from anywhere

    Whether you are in front of your desktop or a hurry, orders can be accepted rapidly and securely.

  • Team up with Suppliers

    Collaboration is the way to progress. We help your clients communicate and team up with providers.

  • Make the most out of legacy frameworks

    Regardless of whether you gathered various systems because of mergers or organic development, EM-Procure can help broaden these systems' lives and quality.

  • Revise your spending plans

    Our spend management software controls your spending by permitting clients to see their budget information progressively.

  • Coordinates consistently with all ERPs

    EM-Procure can associate with numerous different legacy frameworks simultaneously.

  • Pay and Settle

    Have clients pay quickly with credit cards, pay through your ERP, or incorporate it to any other 3rd party.

  • Computerized 3-way match

    Remove the legwork from ensuring your invoices are right. Let EM-Procure consequently perform the match.

  • Less looking, all the more finding

    Looking may not generally be the ideal approach to discover a product. EM-Procure offers a wide range of choices, including searching by clicking on an image.

  • Track Everything

    You can improve what you measure, and EM-Procure measures everything. 


Now Forget about delays
in approvals with EM-Procure

Advantages of Using EM-Procure

Improve the speed and efficiency of Procure processes.

Improvement in data accuracy.

Better spend visibility and lower expenses.

Give a better client experience.

Improve intra-organization communication.

Increases control within Procure management.

Go paperless and digitize your records.

Systemize the agreement life cycle.

Make adequate savings to stock administration.

EM Procure Packages

Basic Purchasing workflows
with core features.
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Purchase Module
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • User Controls
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Customer Support
  • Dynamic Workflows
  • Negotiations/Bidding
  • Budgeting
  • API Integrations
Complete purchasing and
expense solutions.
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Module
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • User Controls
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Customer Support
  • Dynamic Workflows
  • Negotiations/Bidding
  • Budgeting
  • API Integrations
Want more customizations?
Don't worry! We are here to create!
  • Basic + Standard
  • For more details Get in Touch with us

Frequently Asked Questions

EM Procure solves the inefficiencies in B2B payments, by providing easy to implement, simple to use & affordable solutions for your company. Manual processing of invoicing is not only a cumbersome process but also has a risk of potential fraud. EM Procure helps your company simplify your invoice to payment process by using machine learning and artificial intelligence thereby safeguarding it from errors and fraud.

EM Procure uses advanced AI/ML based OCR technology for scanning your invoices and checking them against the different compliance rules customized for your requirement.

No, EM Procure is a cloud based system. You only need an internet connection and any modern browser to access it.

EM Procure allows you to match your invoice details with the payment details including the online payments made per invoice as well as those marked as paid if paid offline.

Suppliers need to register on EM Procure to raise invoices to your purchase orders or send you invoices for any purchase. You can easily make payments to your supplier from the platform once they are registered.

EM Procure allows you to download reports in the format required by your system. These reports can then be uploaded onto your ERP system. In case of any other requirement, the team will understand the ask and revert to you on the feasibility and timelines.

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